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Adı : MxControlCenter
Kodu : 7C2E5330
Marka : Mobotix
Garanti : VAR
Renk : Gri
Fiyat : 0 TL
KDV : %18

MxControlCenter video yönetim yazılımı her hangi bir yerdeki sınırsız sayıdaki kamerayı güçlü bir video güvenlik sistemine, merkezi ya da yerel kullanıcı bazlı operasyon için bağlayabilir.

Gelişmiş program, kullanıcı dostu arayüz, video araması, pratik alarm bilgisi, otomatik kamera entegrasyonu , dosya sunucularına video depolama , yapılandırma ve güncellemesi özellikleri içerir.

Mükemmel Etkileşim
MOBOTIX’ten Yüksek Çözünürlüklü Video Sistem Çözümü

En fazla talep edilen uygulamalarda kendini birçok defa kanıtlamış
Lisans ücreti gerekmeksizin sınırsız kullanıcı ve kamera
Farklı kullanıcı arayüzleri
Kolay kurulum ve standart bir PC’de kullanım
Gerçek bina planlarına entegrasyon
Analog ve IP kamera entegrasyonu
Kayıtları AVI ve Quicktime H.264 olarak, ses ile dışa aktarma
%100 ücretsiz

MOBOTIX D24M, M24M, Q24M, T24M, D14Di, S14, V14D, D25M, i25, c25, M25M, Q25M, T25M, D15Di, M15, S15 and V15D Cameras

This section contains the software for all MOBOTIX cameras that are based on the PXA320 "XScale" hardware platform with 3MP Day, 1MP Night, 5MP, 6MP and Thermal image sensors.

The releases in this section also support the IP Video Door Station with all installed MxBus modules MX-DoorMaster, KeypadRFID, BellRFID, etc. as well as theMOBOTIX App, which is available for Apple iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 5.0 and higher.


MOBOTIX Products:D24M, M24M, Q24M, T24M, D14Di, S14, V14D, D25M, M25M, Q25M, T25M, i25, c25, D15Di, M15, M15-Thermal, S15, V15D

Highlights:For all P3 cameras with Thermal, 6MP, 5MP, 3MP and 1MP night image sensors, MxAnalytics on the single-lens cameras D25M, M25M, Q25M, T25M, i25, c25

Languages:English, German, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Turkish

Sürüm notları:deen


MOBOTIX Products:D24M, M24M, Q24M, T24M, D14Di, S14, V14D, D25M, M25M, Q25M, T25M, D15Di, M15, M15-Thermal, S15, V15D
Highlights:Image improvements for 5MP cameras, support of MxDisplay, additional MxBus features MxMessageSystem
Languages:English, German, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Turkish

Sürüm notları:deen

MOBOTIX M12/D12/V12/M22M/D22M/Q22M Cameras

This section contains the software for all MOBOTIX cameras that are based on the Intel PXA270 "Bulverde" hardware platform.


Software version in all available languages forall MOBOTIX M12 cameras! Besides the many proven features of the predecessor versions, this version brings the MxActivitySensor only on M12-Secure camera models and direct access to subfolders of CIFS shares when using file server storage.

Sürüm notları:deen


Software version in all available languages forall MOBOTIX M12, D12, V12, M22M, D22M and Q22M cameras! Besides the many proven features of the predecessor versions, this versions brings a number of improvements and enhancements in exposure control, image settings, data storage, Hemispheric functions, LED signaling and a new ActiveX control.

Sürüm notları:deen

MOBOTIX M10/D10/V10 Cameras

M10 System

Software version in all available languages for MOBOTIX M10, D10, V10 and DevKit cameras running V2.2.x or higher.

Sürüm notları:deen

M10 Upgrade

UPGRADE for MOBOTIX M10, D10, V10 and DevKit cameras running V2.0.x or V2.1.x

Sürüm notları:deen



English/German version for M1 cameras with 64 MB RAM


English/German version for M1 cameras with 32/64 MB RAM


English version for M1 cameras with 16/32 MB RAM


As professional video management software, MxCC is subject to no restrictions – either with regard to technology or system size. It makes no difference if you only want to use one camera like the shop owner on the corner – or several hundred simultaneously like an international football arena.

MxCC 07


The possibilities of MxCC – primarily in combination with the high-resolution network cameras from MOBOTIX – far exceed the standard of a traditional video management system. The program layout and functions can be tailored for nearly any application and any user type.

MxCC 08

MxCC is perfectly suited forcontrolling security-oriented CCTV systems; however, it is also a suitable operating software for thevideo monitoring of production processes,for preparingtime lapse videos, for documenting construction progress and forcontrolling information monitors with live videoin car washes or events.


MOBOTIX makes it especially easy to decide in favor of the decentralized, high-resolution video system. MxCC not only operates optimally with MOBOTIX cameras, but also allows you to continue using already existing video cameras from other manufacturers hybrid solution.IP cameras and even analog, motor-controlled PTZ cameras can be integrated, displayed live and remotely controlled via a virtual or real joystick.The recorded videos of these third-party cameras can also be evaluated and exported at the monitor with MxCC.

MxCC 09


Once again, the decentralized camera technology plays a part as the system advantage of decisive importance. Because the MOBOTIX cameras and not the video management software perform the computational work e.g. movement detection, recording, storage, etc.,MxCC needs only one standard PC with a monitor as the hardware platform.

The modern system configuration based on the Internet Protocol IP can set up and manage security projects of any size extremely economically using standardized network components and connection paths that are usually already available.



Layouts:A layout includes several cameras in video windows of any size or as clickable icons

Video sources:All cameras integrated in the security system

Event search:Individual search queries for specific cameras, events and time periods e.g. all motion sensor alarms of the previous night at the parking lot

Local archive:Stores photos of all registered shoplifters or persons banned from the store, for example.

Video Player

Playback of recorded videos or single images; also simultaneously shows the videos of all cameras that have made recordings at a specific point in time or immediately before or after

PTZ Controls

Control of the pan/tilt functions and image detail enlargement of one camera PTZ = pan/tilt/zoom using a virtual joystick

Camera Soft Buttons

Contain all individually programmed functions of a selected camera e.g. special image setting, start irrigation via camera, etc.

Title Bar

For a quick orientation, primarily when several program windows are open or distributed to different monitors

Menu Bar

Function areas with associated submenu items such as Switch views, Open files, etc.


Buttons for the most important functions such as live announcements via a camera or printing

Display Panel

All cameras of the currently selected layout e.g. all cameras of the Hamburg branch office display as a grid or embed as an icon/video window in a background image e.g. real building plan.

Alarm List

Chronological display of the alarm images from all cameras; a double click opens the search that can be used to view and export any recorded alarm.


The highest priority of the MOBOTIX software developer is to make the daily work of people in the security industry as simple and effective as possible with the video management system and the cameras. This involves above all an immediate and reliablerecognition of unwanted situations and rapid reaction to all necessary measures for counteracting the danger.

MxCC therefore offers various possibilities for displaying the individual cameras and theirimages and videos in a particularly clear manner and adapted to the application.The display possibilities can be prepared rapidly and easily with MxCC using the Layout Manager.


Images from real building plans individual floors in the building, underground garage plans, street maps or other maps with camera locations, sales premises, branch offices, etc. can be inserted in the display panel of the MxCC Layout Manager.

The corresponding cameras from the video sources list are then positioned in the building plan as a video window or camera symbol. This eliminates laborious and time-consuming searching for cameras in long lists. Using the building plan as the basis makes the work much easier and faster.

MxCC 11

A site plan is linked directly to four live video windows here

In addition to live images, the most recent alarms or recordings can also be displayed in the plan immediately.Special MxCC camera symbols contain information about every camera type and lens positioning. Any number of these types of building planscan be created in MxCC.

MxCC 12

Various building plans can also be linked together directly.This allows a fast search for the camera, for example, at the customer parking lot of branch XY via real maps:

MxCC 13

A German map contains links to all branch establishments > each branch establishment with all branches > each branch with its building plan > building plan XY with parking lot camera and five additional cameras.


In addition to the background layouts with map and building plans, the image windows live video film or only preview image of several dozen cameras can be displayed simultaneously in a grid defined by the user with varying window sizes.

MxCC 14

In a grid layout the image windows can be of varying size, e.g. for panorama images

Grid layoutscan display not only current live images of selected cameras but also preview images of the most recent alarms triggered, for example, by movement in the image automatically in the display panel of alternating live images of specific cameras sequencers, video clips recorded before in loop mode, and many more.

MxCC 15

A specific layout can be assigned to the cameras, preferably in case of alarm location layout

Auto gridis a grid layout where the display panel is automatically split by MxCC into smaller sections to show the various video sources. The user thus does not have to bother with the breakdown.

Grid layouts are always needed in practical situations when the display of the video sources is located in the foreground. As with the building plans,any number of grid layouts can be created and stored with a generally unlimited number of cameras as well.

The live image displayed on the screen can be adapted to the available bandwidth of the transmission path to the camera. For instance, a camera image is displayed every ten seconds; under alarm conditions the system can automatically switch to a higher image repetition rate. As a consequence, the load on the network is effectively relieved and the bandwidth-dependent transmission costs are considerably reduced.

MxCC 16

MxCC lets you prepare individual grids from grid elements of varying size– from 80x80 to 320x240 up to a maximum of 2560x960 pixels – with little effort. The available space will be divided up according to the width of the display panel.