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Adı : Endüstriyel Çözümler
Kodu : 6FEC75A8
Marka : Microsens
Garanti : VAR
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KDV : %18

Industrial Revolution
Ethernet is replacing traditional field bus systems in industrial
environments.The significant advantages of Ethernet technology
are the major driving force for the rapid deployment.

Standards and Compatibility
Ethernet is an international standard that has been proven in millions of applications
worldwide, ensuring the compatibility of components from various vendors.

Speed and Scalability
Standard Ethernet with 10 Mbps already operates significantly faster than most field
bus systems. Transition to Fast Ethernet 100 Mbps and Gigabit Ethernet 1 Gbps
enables additional scaling of the data transmission rate to improve throughput and

Integration of the industrial network with the data network is easily done without
protocol conversion.


Self Healing Ring Topology
The Ethernet ring technology, patented by MICROSENS,
permits the setup of redundant ring structures in Ethernet networks. The ultra-fast protection mechanism provides short reaction time for mission criticaland fail sensitive applications.

The physical ring structure optimizes cabling demands and helps
to save costs for optical cables.

Industrial Ethernet Everywhere
MICROSENS industrial line products are specially designed for applications
demading high reliability like:


  • Sensor / actor communication
  • Robust production networks
  • Interfacing of robots / machines
  • Toll collection
  • Tunnel surveillance
  • Traffic information systems

  • Operating data logging
  • Signalisation, ticketing
  • Video surveillance

  • Windmill control / wind farms
  • Long-haul data connectivity
  • Powerline communications

  • Machine control
  • Automized conveyor belts
  • Intrinsically safe switches explosion-proof

  • Mobile control centers
  • Border patrol
  • Secure fiber based infrastructure

  • Area monitoring
  • Video surveillance city area
  • Access control

Profi Line – The highest level of hardened devices for rough environments

The devices from the Profi Line range have been designed for specific applications that are prone to failure. An open firmware concept means that these devices.

  • Mounting onstandard 35 mm DIN rails
  • Protection against electromagnetic disturbance
  • Optional erweiterter
  • Extended temperature range
  • 24 V DC optional 48 V DC power supply with additional redundant input
  • Relay contact for external alarm signalization

Gigabit Ethernet Switch 10 Port with Railway Certification
Gigabit Ethernet 10 Port Switch with Ring redundancy
Gigabit Ethernet Switch 10 Port with Ring-Redundancy and PoE
Fast Ethernet Switch 4 x 10/100Base-TX, 100Base-FX uplink
Fast Ethernet Switch 4x10/100Base-TX, 2x100Base-FX with Ring function
Ethernet/Fast Ethernet Media Converter in industrial design
RS-232/422/485 Industrial Media Converter

Expert Lineexp_ids
The highest level of robust design for rough environments

  • High port density
  • Standardised management access
  • Gigabit Uplink with Ring function
  • SFP ports for flexible combination
  • Power-over-Ethernet

18 Port Fast Ethernet Switch with Gigabit Uplink
10 Port Fast Ethernet Switch with PoE and Gigabit Uplink
8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Entry Line


Industrial Ethernet with highest efficiency regarding cost and functionality

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Easy installation
  • Simple in operation Plug and Play
  • Compact design
  • Extended temperature range
  • Relay contacts

Gigabit Ethernet Industrial Switches
Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet Bridging Converter
Fast Ethernet Bridge with PoE
Gigabit Ethernet Bridge
Fast Ethernet VDSL Extender
Fast Ethernet Industrial Switches
Device Server for RS-232/422/485 to Ethernet IP

Power Supplies for industrial use

  • Heavy duty design for use in industrial environments
  • Operation temperature range-40..+75 °C
  • High efficiency
  • Short circuit and overload
  • protected and no load proof
  • Parallel operation of up to 5 power supplies possible

Compact Power Supplies for industrial use 24 V DC
Power Supply for PoE devices 48 V DC